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Welcome to Des Moines!

When you come to Greater Des Moines, you’ll notice the buzz. Our restaurants are sizzling. Our attractions are electric. Our trails go whooshing by. Our art scene generates applause.

Greater Des Moines is the fastest-growing metro in the Midwest for good reason. It’s culture without the cost. Art without the attitude. Travel without the traffic. Walkable without the worry. We’re a clean, safe, inclusive, and fun destination that is ready to welcome you safely and responsibly.

In Iowa’s capital city and its surrounding communities, your attendees can enjoy urban amenities and authentic experiences in a welcoming and drivable location (Des Moines is within a five hour drive for 25 percent of the country!). Greater Des Moines provides adventure without the risk, planning without the hassle, and rewards without the high cost.

What makes us unique and different? A 4.4-acre downtown sculpture garden. Eight hundred miles of connected trails. Steak de Burgo. Crab Rangoon pizza. A t-shirt store that makes as much news as the news it covers. The most beautiful capitol building in the country. The essence of Greater Des Moines can’t be boiled down to one feature, but rather the benefit of the overall experience.See you in Des Moines, November 7-8, 2023.

Iowa Event Center

We were social distancing before it was cool. Greater Des Moines has plenty of room for your event, starting with the state-of-the-art Iowa Events Center, with 37 meeting rooms and 226,000 square feet of total space - over five corn fields worth! If you really want to lean into the Midwestern stereotype, we also have off-site venues like a working, educational farm and the nation’s best fairgrounds. (We have plenty of non-swine related venues too.)

Greater Des Moines is your destination for meetings, conventions, and sporting events. Whether you have a group of 10 or 10,000, the right-sized facility with all the desired amenities awaits you in Greater Des Moines. catchdesmoines.com/facilities

See you in Des Moines, November 7-8, 2023!

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The North lot is best for exhibitor parking
$10 per space per day for regular-sized vehicles

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